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EIS Documents

EIS Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?

The Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) is at capacity and proposes to expand to accommodate more conferences and events. To capture the economic opportunity WSCC is currently turning away, WSCC proposes to build an additional facility between Pine and Howell Streets, and Ninth and Boren Avenues. To build the addition facility, federal approvals are needed. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), acting as the federal lead agency, studied the environmental impacts of the proposed Addition and in April 2018 published a Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision.

What is an EIS?

A NEPA environmental impact statement (EIS) is a document that analyzes and discloses probable long-term and short-term environmental effects of a proposed project under a federal law known as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Federal agencies use the analysis contained in a NEPA EIS to make decisions about a proposed action or project.

What is the NEPA process?

The NEPA EIS process involves three major steps:  EIS Scoping, the Draft EIS and the Final EIS/Record of Decision. The NEPA EIS Scoping process for the WSCC Addition occurred in July 2016 and included an EIS Scoping meeting for agencies and the public to provide comments regarding the range of alternatives and environmental elements that should be analyzed in the Draft EIS. The NEPA Draft EIS was issued in October 2017 for a 45-day public comment period.  The Draft EIS analyzes a broad range of environmental parameters, including:  transportation, land use, environmental justice, noise, air quality, geology, water resources, hazardous materials, visual resources, recreation, historic and cultural resources, public services and utilities.  After the public comment period, a Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision (ROD) were completed and published in April 2018.  The ROD is the formal decision by the Federal Highway Administration regarding probably environmental impacts associated with the project. 


NEPA Final Environmental Impact Statement Publication

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Final Environmental Impact Statement Appendices

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