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The WSCC Addition will be an iconic addition to the Seattle architectural and cultural landscape. Its modern, open design will create a unique space in the city that is quintessentially Seattle. Improvements around the Addition will completely transform the pedestrian experience, bringing communities together and creating a safe, active space in Seattle’s downtown core.

Improvements to the Pedestrian Experience

  • Activated street fronts on all sides of the building, adding new retail, sidewalks, landscaping and lighting to the equivalent of four city blocks
  • Renewed vibrancy in this stretch of land to improve the pedestrian experience as visitors walk between meetings and hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues in surrounding neighborhoods
  • The revitalization will create safer and better connections at the intersection of Downtown, Denny Triangle, Capitol Hill and First Hill
  • Enhanced walking experience on Pine Street and Olive Way between downtown and Capitol Hill, and on Boren and Ninth Avenues

Integrated Urban Design

  • Urban, 21st century design that is vertically stacked and an efficient use of space
  • The Addition will have a distinctively Northwest design that complements surrounding buildings and landmarks
  • The project design breaks up the scale of adjacent buildings, facilitating visual interaction between activities inside and outside of the facility
  • Built to a height that is significantly less than what is allowed by zoning regulations

Commitment to the Community

  • The Convention Center has a decades-long history of community involvement, including public access to more than 100 permanent and rotating works of art on display
  • The Addition will expand the Convention Center’s public art program that features Northwest artists and celebrates Seattle’s cultural history
  • The Addition will extend the Convention Center’s efforts to support affordable housing, which includes the creation and renovation  of more than 1,300 units over the past 25 years

Why is the Convention Center proposing to expand?

The existing Convention Center turns away as many meetings and conventions as it books, due to the lack of available space or dates. The Addition project will have a profound economic impact on the Greater Seattle region by hosting many of the conventions it currently turns away, benefiting our region’s workers, restaurants, shops and hotels by adding an estimated $230 million to $240 million per year in spending to the local economy. 

For more information on the city’s alley and street vacation policy, please visit their website here 





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