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Christine Scharrer
Scharrer AD
Christine Scharrer

Christine Scharrer heads the woman-owned full-service architecture firm Scharrer AD, whose work focuses specifically on projects and buildings serving the public realm. Scharrer AD manages a uniquely complicated part of the Addition project, collaborating with public agencies to design a redirect of bus routes around the project site during and after construction, and relocating the traction power substation under Olive Way.

Working on the Addition provides Scharrer and her team an opportunity to co-locate in LMN’s offices, offering exceptional opportunity for day-to-day collaboration and coordination. An associate on the team is completely co-located. Said Scharrer, “It’s been great for him, he gets the advantages of working in a large firm environment. At the same time, he is also working for a small business, so he gets to see both kinds of firm environments you can have. It’s an opportunity for him to grow and learn.”

In an industry where few women head firms, Scharrer finds it empowering to run a woman-owned business, especially on public projects. “I think it’s a fun thing having control over my own destiny,” she said.

Scharrer worked at LMN Architects during the first expansion with the Convention Center. “One of my first major leadership roles was as the project architect on main facility in the late 1990s, so it’s exciting for me work on a project with which I have history.”  


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