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Alex Rolluda
Alex Rolluda
Alex Rolluda

Alex Rolluda is the President of Rolluda Architects, a full-service design firm located in Pioneer Square. As a child, Rolluda’s love for drawing and design led him to spend hours admiring the built environment and watching towering cranes slowly construct new buildings.

Rolluda Architects has been involved with the Washington State Convention Center Addition project from the earliest stages, including model-building, elevator and escalator design. Rolluda sees great value in his firm’s opportunity to work on the Addition, and says team members from all levels and backgrounds will play integral roles on the project as it advances.

While Rolluda is proud of the work that his firm does, he is perhaps even more proud of his multi-cultural team. “My firm is made up of 34 employees, and there are nine different languages spoken in my office. It’s wonderful to see and hear diversity in action every day.”

A native Seattleite, Rolluda is proud to be working on a project that will positively benefit his community for decades. “To be able to go back to my community, the Filipino community, and say, ‘A Filipino- American was part of this,’ is really rewarding,” says Rolluda. “I believe I'm the only Filipino American‑owned firm of size here in Seattle, so it means a lot.” 


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