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Residential and Office Building Co-development Opportunities

The program for the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) Addition has created two co-development opportunities.  The office building co-development has been sold to Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc., and is under construction.  The residential co-development is designed to about 75 to 80 percent construction documents, entitled and ready for final refinements by the purchaser.

The co-developments are created by the program for the Addition, which includes a 150,000-square-foot exhibition hall and loading dock below grade.  The footprint for this below-grade component includes the two blocks across Olive Way to the north of the WSCC Addition. Since only the below grade portions of these blocks are needed for the Addition, the above-grade portions are available for development.

A key goal of the Addition project for WSCC is to build a great neighborhood and create pedestrian links between South Lake Union, Denny Triangle, Capitol Hill and the retail core. To do so, it is important for the Addition and the blocks north of Olive Way to have complementary facades, street fronts and pedestrian uses to create a welcoming environment for walking, living, working and visiting. Accordingly, WSCC has designed these co-development blocks with LMN Architects, has entitled them and is permitting them to vest under the 2016 energy code. The expectation is that the purchaser will gain fee ownership of a condominium interest.

While the convention center will take about four years to build, the co-developments will take about half that time. The office co-development is now owned by Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc., and is under construction.


The approximately 400-unit residential project is bounded by Olive Way, 9th Avenue, Howell Street and Terry Avenue.



The approximately 540,000-square-foot office building is bounded by Olive Way, Terry Avenue, Howell Street and Boren Avenue.


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