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Catherine Bassetti
Bassetti Photography
Catherine Bassetti

The Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) Addition is well on its way to becoming an iconic structure in Seattle’s downtown core. Catherine Bassetti, Seattle photographer and videographer, is capturing the Addition’s development at every step of the project’s three-plus-year journey.

Catherine has photographed many projects, including the construction of downtown Seattle’s SR 99 Tunnel (and its earth-boring machine, Bertha), a complex engineering endeavor spanning five years. Her success in capturing the Tunnel’s progress is one of Catherine’s proudest accomplishments, she says.

“I’m honored for the opportunity to work on another major construction project in Seattle,” Catherine says.

From groundbreaking to completion, she appreciates the challenge of demanding site photography.

“I enjoy seeing the multifaceted way in which large projects are orchestrated,” she says. “Work sites of this magnitude are exciting to be a part of, although they inherently require more preparedness, safety precautions and being alert to the many activities that can be taking place all at once. The more activities happening on-site, the more invigorating and inspiring.”

In addition to site safety, Catherine says it’s important to understand how to find the best angles to highlight the different phases of construction. She feels proud to use her talents to help showcase the Addition.

“It will be a grand achievement for the city – a stunning building complex set alongside a historic area of Seattle,” she says. “I’m fortunate as a WMBE contractor to be part of a project that will have so many lasting impacts on our community, including funding for affordable housing, improvements to parks and open spaces, and a space for our city to gather.”

Through work like her Addition photography, Catherine wishes to advocate for women and minorities who are seeking platforms for their talents. She hopes her work will help ensure WMBE contractor inclusion on future projects to help create a diverse and equal workforce.


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