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NEWS|December 31 2019

December 2019 Newsletter

The Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) has a long-held commitment to diversity and inclusion in its business practices. A diverse workforce brings different skills, cultures and ways of operating that enable the best outcomes.

As part of that commitment, the Addition project is working toward a voluntary goal of $80 million in women- and minority- owned business enterprise (WMBE) contractors.

The WSCC’s Addition efforts extend to supporting apprenticeship programs in the construction field and ensuring a diverse workforce. In addition to creating 6,000 union construction jobs, the project will generate an estimated 900 apprenticeships during the three-plus years of construction. 

For more information about WSCC’s inclusion program, check out the latest progress report.

Novel construction method saves time

You may notice something interesting, with structural steel erection underway on the Addition: Instead of a traditional, bottom-to-top approach, the team is constructing the Addition building from east-to-west, resulting in a shorter construction duration.

WSCC Addition Site, December 2019

WSCC Addition Site, December 2019

The method, called “billboarding,” involves structural steel rising in one of five geographic zones at a time. Each zone will top out at full height as the next zone’s steel erection begins. This approach simplifies logistics and improves workflow. You can read more about the Addition’s billboarding method here.

Safety is our priority

As a reminder when you’re downtown, please be mindful of street and sidewalk closures around the Addition site. Stay connected with up-to-date construction information by following the Addition project on Facebook and Twitter.

We salute our hardworking team for another year of progress on the Addition site. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!


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